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We have a proven track record of putting our clients first.


Our clients will receive the most personalized financial services available as we manage their account to keep the plan on track through regular account reviews, portfolio re-balancing, and match changes in the client’s needs and goals through periodic plan adjustments. Clients will also have the option to receive our invaluable time and life management services for their busy lifestyles. With our assistance, these clients can better manage their business and personal responsibilities and are then allowed to spend their additional free time doing what they enjoy.

The process begins by working with our clients to understand their financial background. We determine the client’s risk tolerance, time horizon, tax considerations, and financial goals to develop and recommend a detailed investment strategy.


Since we are an independent advisor we are able to use a wide variety of financial instruments to execute the plan. We have the ability to offer investments in all asset classes including: marketable securities, fixed income securities, real estate, commodities, private placements and much more. We are not required to hold securities at any single institution; this gives us the ability to search for the best possible investments and returns across the entire spectrum while cutting out the middle man. Our clients will have the first right of refusal on many real estate and business opportunities as they become available in this ever changing economy.

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real estate investments

In addition to our traditional investment options, Main Street offers our clients several options to invest in real estate, including: 

  • Income Producing Properties

  • Speculative Properties

  • Development Projects 

  • Distressed Properties

  • Private Lending

  • Industry Specific Projects 


Real Estate Investing has proven to offer consistent returns over a long period of time.

Please contact us anytime for more information on real estate investments.

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